Is Melo Trimble Injured?


Maryland star point guard and future NBA superstar Melo Trimble has been an important part of Maryland’s highly ranked basketball team’s success so far this year.

Now the team is struggling, coming off a couple big upset losses recently. Not surprisingly, this has coincided with a rough run of games for their sophomore sensation.

It wouldn’t be surprising if it was simply a slump. Everyone has them. Baseball players go through them. Basketball players go through them. They are so common for college sophmores and second year pros in particular, that the phrase “sophomore slump” has become a common part of our sports lexicon.

This certainly could be that.

Another theory is that Melo is trying to refine his skills for the NBA and it’s making him less effective at the college game, because he’s working on things he needs for the next level but that he doesn’t necessarily need at this level. In a sense, college and pro ball are two different games, and some things that work great in college don’t always translate to the pros.

However, rumors are swirling that Melo Trimble is in fact injured. Some rumors even have him receiving recurring treatment between games to get him prepped to go out there and play. Certainly, an injury could make him tentative and cause him to pass more and drive to create shots less. Even if our hypothetical injury isn’t leaving him physically less able to do what he does, the type of pain that could be involved in some injuries can have a mental effect on a player that also alters his game.

We know that Trimble has been injured in the past, certainly. He sustained some head injuries last year against West Virginia in the NCAA tournament after his his head hit the court three times, the victim of some foul play by the Mountainers that didn’t get called. Eventually, he was told by the coaching staff that he couldn’t go back in the game, and was visible upset as Maryland lost an elimination game to end his freshman season. Honestly, West Virginia’s team played one of the dirtiest games I’ve ever seen in college basketball- reminiscent of Detroit Pistons squads of year. Where the referees were, I’m not sure- maybe they got lost at the airport and never showed up.

More to the point than an injury last Mach that is pretty unlikely to be hanging on, is that Trimble had documented hamstring problems last month, and hamstring injuries are known to linger and be painful, but sometimes can be iced down and played through.  Coach Turgeon seemed to shrug off the possibility of the injury lingering at the time, but also noted that he has the same injury last season and, as we know, coaches are rarely medical doctors or oracles, and sometimes will downplay or hide injury information from the public.

Treat this simply as a rumor or a possibility for now, but keep it in mind if you see Melo grimacing or seeminging to hesitate during games. Some other sites won’t relay these kind of rumors. We do.

Programming note: Yes, this is mostly a football blog, but we’re going to try to occasionally branch out into other things and see how it goes, especially during the off-season. That’s the “and more” part. 😉 But you can expect at least 80-90% Maryland football. That’s the site’s bread and butter, and no one else is doing things that way either, as far as I’m aware. 🙂

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