Bleacher Report Thinks Penn State-Rutgers is Bigger Than Any Rivalry Maryland Has

Far be it from me to criticize an amateur website with delusions of grandeur, especially given that this blog kind of resembles that remark (minus the delusions of grandeur), but what in the world is Bleacher Report thinking in its listing of the Big Ten’s greatest rivalries?

I can understand most of the rivalries they list superseding any of Maryland’s in-conference rivalries, given that many of them have decades upon decades of tradition, complete with trophies and buckets and such that are passed back and forth each year depending on the outcome of the games.

What I don’t understand is how they could list Penn State-Rutgers over Penn State-Maryland, or even Maryland-Rutgers.

Let’s look at this for a minute.  Rutgers has a historically bad record against Penn State based on out of conference play. Then they get into the Big Ten and drop two games in two years to the Nittany Lions while fielding a generally awful team, failing to beat even a sanctions addles Penn State squad.

Meanwhile, Maryland also has a historically bad out of conference against Penn State. However, Penn State head coach James Franklin, formerly an assistant at Maryland, immediately declared Maryland in-state recruiting. Then, prior to the first game between the two teams, there was a brawl during warmups. When Penn State’s team Captains came out for the coin toss a bit later, Maryland’s team Captains refused to shake their hands.  Then Maryland beat them, at Penn State! There’s also the historical backdrop of Maryland’s out of conference series with Penn State being discontinued because Penn State demanded two home games for every one game at Maryland, and that all games be officted by Penn State refs as if we were some FCS team or something- and don’t think we’ve forgotten it!

Bleacher Report cites Penn State and Rutgers sharing a border as the justification for their “rivalry”, but, guess what? Maryland and Pennsylvania also share a border


Update: They included Maryland-Penn State at #5 in last year’s version of *this same list*.  Come on, Bleacher Report.  Do you not consult your previous year’s listing for reference before you compile a new list?  What made that rivalry slip from #5 to out of the top 10?  One loss?

Amateur hour.




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